Suspected Diamond

Can this be a diamond

@OlumuyiwaO38156 What a beautiful crystal! Can it be a diamond?

Possible. But there are soo many other types of clear material, that it could be Goshenite, Topaz, Quartz, and a few others.

Do you know where it was found/mined? Was it laying in a river bed, arroyo, or field?

First thing to do is take a newspaper or book with lettering on it… and look at the letters through the stone. Rotate the stone while you look at the characters. Do you see double images or just the letters? (If you can see through the stone that is… )


The stone was found in earth probably washed open by rainfall and running water.
You can hardly see anything when placed on writings,and in the dark when you shine light on it ,it just absord all the light and glows.

Can you take more pictures of the stone, please? Need to see all of the sides of it if possible.


It is very unlikely. First… it appears to have major conchoidal fractures (typical of quartz). Second… does not sound like you are in an area of kimberlite rock, which is number one source of diamonds. An easy test is hardness… see if you can scratch the material with some “corundum sandpaper” available at a good hardware (diamond can’t be scratched… other materials will). Also, diamonds have an extremely high heat capacity (will stay cold to cool against your cheek much longer than a piece of quartz)… so pick up a piece of quartz at a rock or bead shop of equivalent size and compare how it responds to one cheek versus your pictured piece on the other cheek.

Have fun with these tests…

Put it on a digital refractometer and you will know. The figure which has to appear is 2,417 or 2,419
I curious
Let me know

Or take density. The stone is big enough for it