Sunset Ruby - Rare and Valuable?

I just watched the pilot snippet for this new reality TV show.

Several of the claims about so-called “Sunset Ruby” and Ruby more generally on here are factually incorrect.

First, that excluding imperial jade and some natural colored diamonds “Ruby is the world’s most expensive gemstone” It most certainly is a very expensive and valuable stone, depending of course on quality, origin, and a number of other factors. But it is factually incorrect to say that it is the world’s “most expensive” gemstone. Benitoite, per carat, just as one example, is more expensive.

Second, unless I am missing something, it appears that the “sunset ruby” they are selling is cleverly marketed standard Thai fare… corundum that is diffusion treated with trace elements (likely beryllium). In fact, they say “heated with light elements” Frankly, I’m not sure that constitutes full disclosure, and I would be very concerned that the average consumer would not understand what that treatment entails.

Sunset Rubies likely bring out a “splash of orange” because of the treatment they are being subjected to.

An excerpt from the IGS article on the subject.

“The most extensively studied gemstone diffusion treatment involves the migration of the element beryllium into sapphire. The result is the creation of a new color in the material, frequently orange but also blue, yellow and red. In large stones the zone of altered color may be visible as a surface layer, but in small gems the beryllium may have penetrated through the entire stone and no such color zone is visible. Beryllium treatment is now routinely detected with spectrometers and other devices that are typically not used by sellers within the jewelry industry.”

Other thoughts?

What say folks about the claim of minimal fluorescence due to iron content? There is some info on IGS about that very thing… :wink:

My impression of the new “reality” show is that it seems too scripted. A mine field in Cambodia with a warning sign in English? Too many things on the show just hit me as wrong.

I think he’s clever and using the show to pump the value of the stones they find.

Just looking at episode 2. How is the clear ‘Himalayan Beryl’ any different from Goshenite? Except it’s from the Himalayas and not some less exotic location?

Good point about the warning sign in English! :slight_smile:

completey setup. on boat alleged drug smuggler/pirate asks if the only man on deck was the captain whilst boarding a vessel to look around and not check the hold and then proceed to tell captain to stay out of those waters without asking what he was doing there.