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Sugarloaf cut sapphires

Hello. I am trying to have remade a ring I lost recently. It was a treasure trove ring found on a beach in the UK. It had 2 stones in a quite rough bezel setting one of which was a beautiful high domed blue sapphire round base. The other smaller stone was a star ruby. Unhallmarked, Sothebys confirmed it was gold and the ring was of a very ancient design. I am trying to source a gorgeous intense blue cabochon sapphire. Can anyone point me in a direction please?

Palagems is one of the top end sellers of loose stones. Their prices are at a premium though.
GemSelect is also a good source.
GemArtSupply has a good selection of stones.

When you say intense blue, are you referring to Kashmir Blue, Ceylon Blue, or another vibrant shade?

Depending upon the age of the ring, there is a very real possibility that, if the sapphire was a Ceylon blue, it came from the original Ceylon (modern day Sri Lanka) mines that are long since extinct. It is also possible that the sapphire may have originated from the Zanskar region in the Himalaya Mountains.
Both of these locations have given their names to specific shades of blue. Ceylon Blue and Kashmir Blue respectively. But only stones sourced from these locations can be called Ceylon Sapphires or Kashmir Sapphires. Any stone that is called a Ceylon Blue, or Kashmir Blue is simply a stone of sufficient vibrancy that it is comparable to these legendary stones of yore.

Thanks for your help. Ceylon sapphire is what I am after. I will look at the sites you suggested.