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Sterling faceting machine

Sterling faceting machine with 2 hand pieces.
One with cheater and one for smaller hands.
64-80-96 indexgears. Master lap and some laps ,transfer jig wax dops aluminum crate etc. the machine is in Thailand. I have cut around 40 stones on it. 1200$

Hi Clayboy,
where in Thailand are you? And can you send me some Fotos? I am in Chanthaburi at the moment. If you like to call me my number is 0830817731.
Kind regards, Beate Friling

Hi. The machine is in korat. Nakhonratchasima
I am in Europe at the moment but my wife is there.she can arrange photos off all the items if you like.

Hello again,
Lokking around a bit further I found out there is a new version of the machine with speed control. So I’d rather buy that one to get everything perfect from the beginning.
Anyway thank you very much for your reply and the foto.
Kind regards,
Beate Friling

:+1: if you change your mind the machine is in Thailand for another month
Best regards