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Star Sapphires

Does anyone sell blue star sapphires anymore? I see a lot of them listed on eBay but I am reluctant to buy from there. I see so many people taken for their hard-earned money and eBay doesn’t care. I almost never see them sold in jewelry stores anymore. I had a babysitter as a child that I liked very much and she wore a blue star sapphire ring and I would like to get one to remember her by.


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Hi Robin! Welcome to this community. I have a few blue star sapphires that I bought from Gemporia. They are lovely and nicely priced. I also have several nice, loose Ceylon star rubies from Trasure Mountain Mining up in Greenfield, MA. Both sources very reputable with generous return policies.

Thank you!! I will check it out.


You should buy this from a reputable seller. It is not expensive as sapphires go, esp. if it is opaque rather than translucent. A hundred or so per carat rather than in the thousands. If the star is somewhat irregular you will know it is likely natural. Beware a perfectly symmetrical star, as it is likely synthetic. Also be aware that the opaque material is often diffusion treated to get a really pure blue color. If this is done, the stone should be cheaper and the treatment disclosed. Again, if the color is a less than perfect blue, the stone is more likely natural and not treated. If you’ll settle for a gray one, there is a lot of that out there and it is cheaper, but you probably want blue! The blue synthetics are very nice and probably your friends will not know! -royjohn

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