Star Rutile Saga cont... Geikielite

My “Star Rutile” Saga continues

With another stone to inspect - original online listing had this as “Star Rutile”
2 Previous purchases from this well know Sri Lankan supplier tested as a
Star (Almandine) Garnet
& a previously unknown Hematite/magnetite material

I informed the supplier of the error in listing as Rutile
And received this explanation with this 3rd stone
68.84ct (picture)

Has anyone heard of “Geikielite”

with created Stars.
These gems have readings of Rutile and were called Rutile Stars.
Recently more research has been done on this please see GIA article.

In Sri Lanka Only very few craftsmen in RATNAPURA had the knowledge to create the stars.
Firstly in Identification of the Ideal rough Rutile Meterial and then creating the stars.
These were available around 20 years back, But are now rarely seen nowadays”