Sri Lanka pink Sapphires glow red under the Chelsea Filter

First of all to make things clear whether a red or green or blue stone, you don’t need a special Ruby filter or Emerald filter the Chelsea filter works fine for any stone also finding glass filled blue sapphires.

Anyhow back to the actual point of my discussion, I guess it has to do with the high chromium content in natural pink sapphires from Sri Lanka, no matter whether heated or unheated, pink sapphires all glow very strong red under Chelsea filter and most if not all spinels will show no reaction. Does anyone else experiencing similar results?

More than likely, high dye content that is fluorescing. Lots of synthetic material out there posing as natural. Same as pink sapphire from Indonesia! I have 4, all synthetic, dyed, and light up like hot coals under the UV light.

Well, sorry but more likely than not and in fact confirmed by two independent gem laboratories, I’m holding natural sapphires from Sri Lanka. The reason why those are glowing red is because those are closely related to Sri Lanka rubies.

I just hoped that somebody would have a scientific explanation.