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Sri Lanka Hessonite Garnet

I would like to sell beautiful Hessonite Garnets from Sri Lanka.
Weight of the stones is from 3.05 to 5.7 carat.
The price is negotiable.
Please see the photo.

Hi everyone!
I work as a seaman on big container vessels and it’s, honestly to say, impossible for me to sell all of these stones I posses, because I don’t have much time and I live far away from any major or minor Gemstone traders and buyers.
All my Gemstones have been acquired during the one of my trips to Colombo, Sri Lanka.
I have a quite big number of very beautiful Sapphires and other Gemstones (Garnet, Topaz etc.) like on the picture above.
So, I would really appreciate and pay a very good fee for anyone who help me to sell the stones!!!
Please check also my other posts on this forum!
On the picture below, I’ve been playing little bit with different Sapphires just to show variety of the stones I posses. All my Gemstones are on the sale!

Some more stones! :grinning: