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Sri Lanka Blue Sapphires

I would like to sell Blue Sapphires from Sri Lanka.
Weight of the stones is from 2.15 to 6.4 carats.
Please see the photo.

If anyone is interested in buying Sapphires from the picture… I would sell the single stones for a half price and all, 104.3 carats, for 8000 USD.
On the pictures below are two Sapphires 4.45 ct and 6.4 ct from the picture above (the most of them more than 4 ct).
45%20ct 4%20ct

Are these heated or treated in any way? I do not wish to insult you in any way but I must ask. The teardrop Sapphire is what I have been looking for for some time and I’m in LOVE! Those are beautiful stones!

Hi Otter,
I apologize for the late replay. I’ve been out of the country on a vacation with my wife.

I’m very glad that you like my Sapphires. To be honest, they really look a lot better in reality, because the pictures have been made with a very old photo camera.

Regarding your question, the answer is no, they are not treated in any way.

Also, I have one more teardrop Sapphire 4.0 ct.

From now on I’m available if you would like to know anything more about my stones.

I hope that I’ll hear from you soon.

Some more stones! :grinning:

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Hello. I am interested in buying sapphire about 6ct

Hello Marko,
I have one 5.75 carats blue sapphire for sale.Please see the picture below. If you are interested in buying, please write to my e-mail Thanks!