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Spinels - are the getting popular or is this the peak?

Hey guys.

So we just came back from the September HK Gem show. And yes we are completely safe, sales were down as less people turned up, thanks to the smart guys who created fake news.

The people here come from all types of backgrounds.
I am looking for someone who has been in the Spinel business,
We are getting some good rough from Burma and we are thinking of cutting them in our factory.
However we don’t know how the market will react? Is the market for spinels just gone up in Vegas show - where I heard grey was very popular as some smart person compared it with the feeling of being on the moon. Or is it already the peek? Also how do we go about getting customers for this type of stone for wholesale - mostly caliberated stuff in all colors? These questions may be a little challenging with less information.

Any help would be great.
We are also considering buying cut stones in Burma.

Hi Spinel is getting more popular now and people are warming to this gemstone. Of course the best of the best is the Red spinel from Mogok Burma but really out of reach for most people as far as price goes, also the cobalt blue is extremely expensive.
Pinks, Lavender and greys are getting a lot more attention across the world market now
value/prices of these coloured spinel are also going up

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Just as a collector, I’d think that the good red Spinel is more than just a second to ruby. It is still more affordable, and more rare I think. Fabulous red color, perhaps fire, no treatment? Who can afford a sizable ruby in that category?

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I am based in and trade with spinels from Tanzania, we have definitely seen a spike in demand of the “other” colors of spinel not just because of price point, but because they are beautiful and unique colors. The greys and lavender are so unique to spinel, which other gems produce these colours with the same dispersion of light? Can’t think of any. Fancy tanzanite does to an extent, however it has a completely different characteristic. Burma material is fun for the name, like the ruby, however I feel lacks the character, please correct me if I am wrong…

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I was just in Hong Kong and was lucky to get out as most planes were grounded. This is not fake news.

Excuse my confusing but what has catching a plane in Hong Kong have to do with Spinels???

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I have heard from other dealers and witnessed myself a dramatic increase in demand for grey spinel in a range of commercially viable sizes (sub 6-7ct). I personally believe the finest reds, pinkish-reds, and pinks have not really slowed down… but I do think the market for medium quality goods below 4ct is just not that strong. If you are going to deal in spinel, I would focus on acquiring the very best stones at a fair price rather than anything else at a great price.

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Hi ,I have some cut spinel from Mogok ,Burma .

Just wanted to put my 2 cents in… Spinels are fantastic gemstones and please, realize that if you are as smart as you think you are,then you must know already that, everything is,and has a top and a limit… Kashmir Sapphire’s for example… I actually prefer a top quality spinel, over a pigeon blood Ruby …ALL DAY LONG! lol realize that for every metric ton of your beloved diamonds,and Sapphire’s,that only one kilo of paraiba tourmaline is found … tanzanite is another gem that is far away more difficult and limited,hmmm stop believing in the big concessions horse shit.! Lol rare gems eventually will be the best of all the rest,wish we still had Tasmanian tigers!

Having seen a couple of Mogok greys, I think this color will be a short lived trend. Now, take the Jedi Reds…stunning. Can’t imagine anyone looking away from these, even when seeing them across a room!

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MMM jedi reds! Yummy! Lol hi.

Tajikistan has most amazing colour spinels
Mouth watering

HI Cj66
Like your stone philosophy
I was taught by them myself
old men up in the mountains
in Sri Lanka. Is still
teaching boy to them.
Is only 67 years:)

Love Pease and Understanding
Peter from Sweden