Sphalerite in every color

So i found out that the alley way full of glass is actually sphalerite. I have every shade i could dream of just about but how is the best way to differentiate it from glass. Sometimes color sound or shape are enough but not always

I have probably 30 lbs at this point mostly in small crystals. I just don’t know if theres a visual test i can use. Do they ever get conchoidal breaks?

HI: Sphalerite is much softer than glass, has a resinous luster in translucent material and has a perfect cleavage in 6 directions. Another test is put a little HCL on powdered material. If it is sphalerite you will smell h2s. Only a use a amount though as h2s can be toxic. Hope this helps.

If you do the HCL test dilute the acid to 10%.

Some is easy to confirmfor this reason but not all is thanks

Most is so small it’s not a feasible test to use destructive methods

Most looks like crushed glass. Possibly other material.

I know some may be but most feels like something other than glass with sphalerite confirmation 2 blocks away where i found most.

it has come from an area of heavy traffic.

Instead of telling me i don’t know how glass looks vs this stuff or implying i don’t do my homework maybe just awnser the question from my post. that alone would help me eliminate some things…

Sorry if that came out rude but it was a little insulting and I have been getting a lot of gaslighting from other places lately. So i was a bit reactionary. My apologies.

No problem. Take care