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I know many gemologists rely on a Spectroscope and pritned reference books to identify gems. Is there a good Spectrometer that can do the lookups for me? If not, is there a good cheap spectroscope that I should be looking at for gemology? One that offers a USB connection to a computer should be good enough to write a database for lookup comparisons.

FWIW if people want the software and it doesnt exist I could write it. 40 years of experience writing software.

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Almost all the inexpensive spectroscopes I have seen are analog and you have to compare what you see with a spectrum in a book. There Raman lasers that do all of this that are linked with a database but those cost in excess of 7000 US dollars. I think the average cost is between 10 and 15 thousand US dollars.

This is the only spectroscope that I have found with computer interface costs 2130 USD per unit: