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Specific Gravity Accessory


I’m trying to modify the SG Accessory in the Reference Library article. Has anyone tried to use a mesh tea ball with a chain as a gem basket? I can’t think of any other way to weigh my really small stones.


I think the only problem with that would be getting the air bubbles out. Maybe if you cut large openings at the top so you have a mesh basket and a mostly open top.

Good idea



It’s certainly worth a try. I agree-- air bubbles could be a problem. Of course, I could just wait patiently while the bubbles work their way up. Unfortunately, patience isn’t exactly my strong suit. I’ll try making a couple of holes and let you know what works.


I have 2 Specific Gravity kits in stock that work with electronic scales. Let me know if you are interested and whether you would like me to send the details.



Cool! Specs? I use a pocket-size electronic scale. Will your gadget fit?


ladybug, I did not see this post until today, as I was not the originator of it. If you are interested in the SG Kit, Private Message me and I will send you more info. If your pocket scale is sensitive enough, it will work. But send me the specific questions you have and I will assist as best I can.

Best Nirvana


See the forum post asking how the mesh tea ball works in the specific gravity determination.