Source of a Gemology Microscope with Camera

I am looking for a place to purchase a new gemology microscope with camera.

I have purchased two in the past from established businesses, paid good money for them, but neither have produced photomicrographs of the quality that I am looking for. I’ve taken lots of photomicrographs in the past using petrographic microscopes using transmitted and reflected light.

This time I would like to purchase from a vendor who has physical location that I can visit, use the microscope, take a few photomicrographs, and see the results before making the purchase. Travel anywhere in North America is not a problem.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you.

What type of camera do you use? Not sure if this applies but I have an 11 inch telescope and use a CCD camera with excellent results. Using a beam splitter I can look at what I’m photographing and send it to my computer at the same time.

Thank you Jason,

I have tried two CCD cameras. I agree that the ability to see the image on a monitor is very helpful. The problems that I have with a gemology microscope in brightfield are brightness and color controls.

I am looking for a vendor who has a “ready-to-use” pairing of microscope and camera that will eliminate most of the experimentation.

Call Mary Zhang, CEO of at (909) 993-4661. Tell her that Michael at The Diamond Grader Lab in Las Vegas referred you. :smiley:

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Try this one. It works very well. They have the same scope with lower MP cameras, but you get what you pay for. Tou may also need to try different lighting techniques until you get the image you like. Great features, cam see on cmputer screen and look through one ocular when the camera is in use.

I love mine. The most important part is your lighting and high MP camera.

I also purchaser the 20X Oculars and 2.0X Objective.

Hello Michael and Roger,

Thank you for these suggestions. I have visted their websites and am considering them.

I appreciate your experience and thoughts.

I bought a Dino “Edge” from the maker at my daughter’s archeology conference and I am delighted with it.
Previously I have purchase the cheaper celestron models and found them next to useless.
The Dino line has the capability to provide polarised light that is adjustable in many ways and there are a lot of accessories available. These are used by proffessionals in many fields.and your best bet would be to call them and find out which pro conference their reps are selling them at and go there to get them to show you how to do it. I did and found them not only helpfull but truthfull. No Hype! Roughly 600 bucks and you have digital 150X Pics.
Email me at and I will send you the phone number they gave me and which I call every time I have a question.