Some serious sapphire mining in Kanchanaburi Thailand

Hi thought I would share some photo’s of sapphire mine in Kanchanaburi

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Thanks for the pictures.

WOW! I hear that some nice stones are coming out of that mine. I would love to get my hands on some of them in the near future. I hope my stone dealer will get some in soon. Like I really need any more sapphire! My husband is having a fit with all of the stones I get in as it is now. :rofl: A gal has to have something to do during these long winters nights that are coming up…right? :wink:
All the best.

Thanks for the reply Otter

That’s a major operation. What color/sizes do they produce there? Who runs the mine?

Sorry not sure on the name of the person who owns this mine at Bo Ploy, the visit to the mine was organised on a gem tour, I do know that the same person owns the accommodation and golf course where we stayed for the night after the visit to the mine this resort was built on the first part of the mine which was started about 20 years ago
Good blue sapphire is renowned in this area along with blue greens and yellow