Some of the test question answers wrong?

Hi,im sure I got some answers right on test 3 which when I submitted the test,the website told me id got them wrong.Has anyone else had this issue?What do I do if I feel I got them right?

Could you email me a list of the questions on Test 3 that you think were graded incorrectly? If you can, let me know what you answered, too. Send the list to


Hi This also happened to me on two tests until I realized what the problem was. I printed the test and then wrote down the answers.Then when I was ready to do the test I copied then to the computer.Submitted the test and had a failing grade. But looking at the correct ans they were the same as the written test.What happened was if you click on the ans and then use the down arrow to go to the next ans it will change the ans. you have to move the mouse away from the ans box. WHY was I using the down arrow? Because my mouse would not scroll down.Dave