SOLAR JADE ADOCRASE. Does anyone have information on this stone? I

I have a supplier offering Adocrase but I can not find much information on what it actually is? Any help would be appreciated

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Idocrase (Vesuvianite) is a complex mixture of metals, oxygen, hydrogen, and fluoride. Idocrase is a rare gemstone type, usually found in green shades, but sometimes with yellow silicate minerals, or brown. Idocrase is not only rare, but very rare.

Good-quality idocrases have a Green Moss look similar to crystal jade minerals; and has fossil moss inside and translucent. The specimen of Idocrase has an oily gloss or resin. While the transparent form of translucency is clear is the rare number 1 quality has a vitreous luster (Solar and Biosolar)

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Thank you for that. This supplier has said that it is not idocrase but adocrase which is supposed to be very rare and is of a high value so I was trying to determine if the supplier is correct or if it is Idocrase as I first thought it would be.

I have heard a supplier in Bangkok call it Adocrase but it is Idocrase, just a pronounciation difference.
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