Small Emerald Cut & Rough, Panjshir - UK/Europe

Hi all,

I have a few small pieces of Emerald from Panjshir Afghanistan which are available for purchase. I am based in UK so mostly looking at anyone in Europe.

This includes 1 x native cut emerald, only 0.42 carats. It is too small to recut (I think) but someone could set as is. Very nice colour and clarity, and a decent sparkle. First pictures below.

The rest are rough pieces, a variety of sizes from below 1 ct up to 6 cts. Photos of a couple of examples below. Most have excellent colour but a variety of clarity and inclusions. I imagine they would be of more interest to hobbyists as they are probably too small for most commercial purposes.

Rough - 1.9ct

Rough - 4.2ct

Rough - 5ct (very opaque)


Drop me a line, I could provide individual pieces or a small packet. Happy to provide further photos or details for anyone seriously interested,

Yours Aye,