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Slicing rough corundum stones

can a ceramic tile slicer cut a sapphire ?

Hi you need a gemstone trim saw like this with a small diamond blade

Thanks. Is it possible to use a ceramic tile saw with a heavy diamond blade ? With water cooling ?

I have never actually done either so my advice is not really worth much, but a guy in Michigan who had a really nice diamond trim saw told me that yes, if you have a different kind of diamond saw blade that is water cooled (and that is very important because the water is also used as a lubricant), you can use even a rotary tool type thing for small stones if it is held in a vise.

But remember this is third-hand information from someone who has never actually done either.

Thanks for your help. I am sure you have a very good idea about good advice on gem work.

Is “a small diamond blade” a thin diamond blade or a small diameter diamond blade ??
Tom C

Hi TomC go to this website and you can see what is available you need a small thin blade for slicing gemstone of small size such as sapphire

Thanks much. This is a very good help.