Sisk Gem Reference

I wanted to know if anyone on here has the Sisk Gem Reference. From what I have seen, it appears to be heavy on the photography of museum gem specimens and not much on gemological/scientific information. I would appreciate any input.

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Use search words “Sisk Gemology Reference” and you can pull up the JTV listing for Volume 3 and a pdf sample. I can’t find the first two volumes for sale any more. Vol 3 is sale priced at $39.99. The late Jerry Sisk was one of the triumvirate who started JTV and he was a crack gemologist. The info will be accurate and slickly presented. I looked at the sample and it looked very nice. I would want all three volumes to be complete, as a gemologist. You could find all this info for free on line, but how much time do you have? You could get a lot of it in Schumann’s book, which was probably the starting point for Sisk’s effort. No prices or complete color reference in this volume, but that is hard to find anywhere if you don’t pay for it monthly or yearly. Hope this is helpful. -royjohn

Hi i do have a full set of the sisk reference books they are great i do know JTV are looking at publishing another lot in early 2024 thanks