Shipping Jewelry or Gem Internationally

Hello there,
May I know what methods and cost efficiency ways you use to ship jewelry or gem overseas? Looking forward for some sharing. Thanks in advanced.

Post office has proven highly reliable and best value for decades

Thanks for the advice. However, my local post office traceable courier service doesn’t cover valuable item like jewelry/gem. I also check there is this international service does that but their service is only worth consider if you are sending in bulk or very high value gems because their services are very expensive. How about if I just want to ship 1 or 2 gems?

Which country are you in? In Asia, DHL expedited is the best. From Thailand to Canada, it takes less than 10 business days, I’ve received in 4 before!

Thanks CorGems, I lived in Malaysia and we have DHL. I wasn’t aware that DHL take in jewelry or gem. Will check it out.

From Malaysia I sent to Bangkok by EMS …on invoice you may write “rock specimen” etc in case of gems. for jewelry i am not sure.

Hi Shussain, thanks for the sharing. Will check out EMS.