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Shhhh most beautiful Green Paraiba Tourmaline


Natural Paraiba Tourmaline
Shape : Pear
Cut : Brilliant cut
Gem wt : 9.05 ct
Color : Neon Green
Clarity : VS to VVS
Lustre : Excellent
Origin : Mozambique
Treatment : None
Certified : Yes, on request

This copper and magnese bearing Cuperian elbaite tourmaline called paraiba tourmaline in trade.
This absolutely stunning high-end green color Paraiba, great cut , great luster.

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Lovely stone. I’ve purchased a few over the years, great color, pricing is a bit difficult since they don’t have the classic color and I believe CIBJO defines “Pariaba” as blue.



Thanks for your comments. Did you get your green tourmaline certified by GIA? I would suggest spend 120 USD and get the GIA certificate as they are certifying based on traces of Copper and Manganese in the gem. If there is significant amount of these two minerals, only then they certify as Paraiba.

Please refer this GIA article, I am sure you may have read it, if not, then this will help. As per my experience, one can identify a true Paraiba from the lot because of its electric sheen. It is just incredible and different.

Paraíba tourmalines appear in a range of greenish blue, bluish green, green, blue, and violet hues. Although buyers covet all these colors, blue and violet have the most appeal. Dealers use a number of names to try to capture the extraordinary quality of Paraíba tourmaline’s colors. Besides neon, they use terms like “electric,” “turquoise,” “sapphire,” or “tanzanite” blue, and “mint” green.

Overall, prices for the best Paraíba tourmalines easily surpass other tourmalines due to their more attractive hues, higher color saturation, and greater rarity. A direct comparison with other tourmalines makes the difference obvious. Compared to any other green tourmaline, for example, a green Paraíba tourmaline will have a more saturated hue and lighter tone.

Refer to GIA Tourmaline Quality Factor