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Selling on a Gem Fair as a "new comer"

Dear Members!

I have a nice project which I would like to sell on a Gem Fair, for example in Bangkok. It will be a very special item, and it would be the only thing which I want sell. I know it’s always better to go with a huge inventory but not in this case, I would take the risk that I cannot sell it.
I kindly ask you information about how can I get in a Fair as a seller? I will need a small corner only to exhibit my item. What is the daily price for it ecc…
Thank you in advance!
Have a nice day!

This is Hong Kong I am suppose to go with La Pita Emerald Mine from Muzo, Colombia. This is one all information is there

If you need emeralds let me know

Small booth starts at about $1,000

So first you need to find our who your target market is. There are many gemstones shows around the world. The most famous ones are listed here:
Hongkong Gems
Bangkok Gems Show
Vicenza Show
Tucson Gem Show (GJX, Holidome etc)
So if you are talking about the Bangkok show itself - its not the same as it was 5 years ago. So you need to be careful where you are spending your time. I mean if you are in Bangkok fine, come visit, but if you are coming from outside then you need to plan properly. So you must do your research. Also this page I wrote many years ago will still be helpful to get to the place, know more about it:
If you need any other help let me know,
Navneet Gems!