Selling at any Gem fair

Can anyone advice on the quantity to display on a stand at any fair? is 300carrat of color stone enough?

I have sold at Gem and mineral shows, I have found that the quantity of items in not as relevant as Quality and type. My stand was 3 tables, and I had 22,000+ cts of gems, and over 130 Lbs or minerals. The vendor beside me had 1 table with 2 trays of gems and a few boxes of minerals, and we both made very close to the same profit. I always feel that the more you have the better your day will be. Not sure if that helped with your question, but that has been my experience.

Thank you Gerry
You have been so inspiring to my move. I appreciate your words of encouragement i am new i need people like you who can encourage the up coming entrepreneurs. Thank you again…