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Seeking gem ID from qualified gemologist


I am 72 and have been buying/collecting gemstones for about 15 years, from Ametrine to Zircon, faceted, cabochon and rough . It is very difficult to manage the collection of many hundreds. I have four children and seven grandchildren that would be left with the collection but I want to leave them with the proper ID of the stones. My wife and I own/operate a motel here in Cody, WY - It is a very clean, comfortable property and I considered bartering for gem identification by qualified individuals for stays at the motel. It would be an ideal situation for folks to spend a vacation near Yellowstone National Park (a geological paradise) and help ID my collection to prevent my family from the headache of the obvious problems.
I might add Cody country is famous for it’s scenery, wildlife, hunting, fishing not to mention the rich history of Yellowstone and our native American history.
If this sounds like a feasible plan please contact me or any advice would be appreciated.
I have most equipment that a person would need for identification including a 1067 GemOro, ADE refractometer, both spectroscopes, dichroscope and Chelsea. Looking for a good polariscope.
Thank you,
Ken Swope