Secrets Of The Gem Trade, The Connoisseur's Guide 40% OFF AMAZON

“Many years ago I started a business that appraises, sources and purchases and sells fine jewelry for private clients. It was at the end of a long road and steep learning curve of developing appraisal skills and more importantly learning about the evaluation of diamonds, gems and jewelry. This included time spent studying gemology at the GIA in Carlsbad and Chicago in person and online. I wish I had seen this book before I started down that road as it is the bible of the gem business. For the professional, and the person just interested in gems, this beautifully printed and presented book is teeming with knowledge (hard-won) and images of astounding jewels” E. DALY,

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Thanks for your recommendation. Is the book recommended for beginner or yet to be gemologist? I hope it is not too technical.

Not technical, easy to read and useful.



Richard Wise’s book Secrets of the gem trade, Second Edition, is beautifully narrated and illustrated. With the addition of 171 new images, the book now contains 277 vivid and breathtak- ing images that capture both the heart and mind of the reader. This Second Edition has been completely revised and expanded to 404 pages, with 11 new chapters. Each chapter is dedicated to a particular gemstone, making it an easy to use reference book.

The author, with over 30 years’ experience in the gem trade, generously and wholeheartedly shares his vast experience and knowledge of the gem trade and gemmology to encourage the reader to ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to appreciating the beauty and value of gemstones. He states there is more to a stone’s worth than what the current market says. He guides you on assessing the gemstones, what pitfalls to avoid, and encourages you to “Pick the Best!”

Is this book still for sale ? Are you in Thailand ? thanks, Bill

2016 edition is on sale.