Sapphires in Sri Lanka?

Has anyone ever bought gems in Sri Lanka? Anyone ever worked with Gamini Gems? I see mixed reviews online and the certificate received was less than I expected. I was hoping for more of a gemologist report vs. standard details like refractive index of a sapphire.

On their website, they list very specific certificates about being an authorized seller.

1. Sri Lanka National Gem & Jewellery Authority

Thank you in advance for any help!

I"m picking out a Christmas present for my mom and I am very stressed on making the right choice.

Yes I have bought gems in Sri Lanka and in particular Gamini gems. I went to see them in Sri Lanka and due to being in the trade I was ushered aside and treated as you would want. As with anything, unless you look very carefully at the stone and its features you cannot be 100% certain. I choose two very fine stones that made it worthwhile. I would not recommend buying before you see the stone - due your own due diligence and understand what you are buying.

Agreed. It would not be an ideal situation to buy sapphires without seeing.
You must see, like, and get a good price for it. Most importantly it should meet the centimental value that sapphires and rubies hold, as they are valuable. Buying directly from Thailand (where we at are) or from Srilanka, doesnt certainly mean the best choice, price, stone. But it does mean that they are good options. The gem trade is very complicated this way, always about the need.