Sapphires for sale

Hi everyone,
I live in Canada and I have 450 Sapphires for sale that I have had since the 1980s. They are various colours and shapes. Ten are dark blue Thai stones of 1.5-3.98 ct wt., these I believe to be unheated. Then I have twenty or so of med blue colour and the rest of them are a sky blue. These are in sizes of .25 up to 2.84. They are ovals, marquise, pears and trilliums. Mostly ovals and all but the dark ones have been heat treated. They are native cuts, mostly eye clear with few inclusions. I will be happy to pay a commission to anyone who can direct me to a sale of the whole parcel. My email is

Hi Bob ,

Do you have them entered a spreadsheet? Are they graded ?

Or what info , photos per gem can you provide ?