Sapphires and more for sale

I have gemstones I would like to sell. I can split them up or bundle them. Please let me know if you are interested. I can send photos to you for each stone. All stones come with certificate from BGI in Thailand. Bought in Chatumburi.

Make offers - Reasonable offers accepted.

Unheated Sapphires:

1.52 color change. Oval $175
2.03 Light Blue Oval $350
1.65 Dark Blue Oval $350
1.38 Dark Green BLue Heart $150
1.03 Color Change Oval $175

Orange Sapphires - $90 each

1.05 Oval
1.10 Oval
1.08 Pear
.81 Oval
1.16 Oval
1.17 Oval
1.12 Oval

Padparadscha Sapphires

1.23 Oval $400
1.21 Pear $400


1.41 Pear $90 Dark Blue (Australian)
1.74 Oval $75 Yellow


2.43 Oval AA $125
1.93 Baquette AA $100
1.78 Oval AA $100
2.95 Trillion AA+ $400
1.12 Trillian AA $100
1.28 Oval AA $100


1.71 Color Change $85
1.52 Color Change $85

Miscellaneous Malaya Garnets $45

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Kieth, I am interested in your color change Sapphires, light blue sapphire, AA+ trillion tanzanite and tanzanites over 1.5 cts ea, color change garnets, misc Malay garnets over 1.50 cts ea. Could you please email photos to: Thank you

Kieth, thank you for your prompt reply! Will reply to your email regarding those I am interested in, however, I will pass on the miscellaneous Malay garnets.

There may be a few plus the associated certs missing from those I requested:

Unheated Sapphire:
1.52 color change, Oval ($175)

1.71 Color Change ($85)

2.43 Oval AA ($125)
1.93 Baguette AA ($100)
Is the 2.95 Trillion AA+ ($400) Same as the 2.97ct or are these 2 similar stones? If so id like to see the 2.95 ct…

Hi Keith, I am interested in your colour change garnets can you supply photo’s in incandescent and normal light to show colour change difference
please email to

Keith I’m very interested in what you have. Is there anything left?
Charles Mark