Sapphire: Raw stone. Help! Advice needed from trimming to sale

:hugs::gem: Hello Community.
Thanks for having me & TIA for your help

I’m looking for a deeper understanding on all aspects regarding raw sapphire.
Basic stone details;

Unassessed, Raw, Untreated. Ranging from 1 to 45ct
Color spectrum from orange to blues including black, parti, ‘cognac’ ?:woman_shrugging:t3:

Obviously the first thing I’d like to know is what range of pricing to expect. Is there a beginner/student cutters avenue for lower quality?

Desired advice;
To trim or not?
Viable parcel sizes.

I am very much a rookie. My sapphire fields are close and I CAN NOT stop collecting stones. I’m in love with the characters & uncovering of the raw. I highly appreciate the brilliance a cut stone but, to be honest, I prefer well presented rough/freeform over faceted.

Thank you to ALL THOSE who take the time to help us nuisance newbies & especially those willing to dedicate theirs to me!
Regards LJ


Welcome to the community!

Seems you have access to a great field collection area!

This should give you an example how the grade of the material sets the bar on pricing. This is just one of many on-line resources viewed from the seller’s point of view.

I have not cut or trimmed any sapphire rough, so I cannot speak to that. There are a few members here who have and hopefully they will chime in on their experience.

A few questions:

  1. How do you know the material is sapphire?
  2. What tests have you done to verify the species or have you had them tested at a lab?

A good article on identifying sapphire which includes the use of gemological instruments.

Learning the basics of identification using gemological instruments / methods is encouraged and available here at IGS. Been a good resource for me.



Not tested. From an official sapphire fossicking area. I have been going there for several years.

Nice! There are several well known areas in NSW and QLD, Australia and in the US with Montana and North Carolina as two of the more popular locations. :slight_smile:

Have you found other gem material as well? Garnets, Zircon and a few other crystal rough are commonly found in alluvial and mine tailings. They can be a good rough material to seek as well.