Sapphire Color

Hello, I would like your opinion on the color of this sapphire. A Neon color? Padparadascha? Changing color? the stone is untreated.

![WIN_20181214_13_32_13_Pro|666x500](upload://5if9viVn1ec9b55k aX5Vy6w4E6v.jpeg)

That is an interesting conundrum you have there with those pictures. :thinking: From what I can see you have a sapphire that is all of the above! Of course lights will do crazy things to a stone. I say is is a beautiful shade of almost neon pink. All it needs is a slight push in the right direction. Possibly with the right setting you can bring out any color with that one. White , rose and yellow gold can make a huge difference in the way a stone shows its colors off and some will absorb the colors of the setting better than others. Just try it out on a few and see what works best if you are not looking to certify its color. Since it is not treated, by all means, keep it un-treated. They are getting harder and harder to find it seems and a nice investment. I would love to see what you do with it in the end.
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Thank you, for your interesting opinion, it is a magnificent sapphire never seen in these colors in 10 years of purchase.
I will not heat it. For now I do not know yet if I sell it or if I make a jewelry.
I have another much less Neon color. I had it certified by IGI, Grader Color Change Purple to Purple Pink but the stone is of different color.

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Thanks for sharing I love the colours :+1:t3::+1:t3:

Thank you.

Good stones certainly. It would good to show the pearshape sapphire to a heat treater, its possible the silk will be removed the stone can be turned into a much more valuable stone. Thats my personal opinion at Navneet Gems. Do not take this information for granted.