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Salt and pepper diamonds

What does everyone think of salt and pepper diamonds?

At least you know that they are not man made. ;))))

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What a person thinks is personal, and people don’t need to agree…

I don’t like them. They look “dirty” instead of being a beautiful natural crystal. I’d want nothing eye-visible at a comfortable focal distance. I’d rather pay more and get a diamond with much better clarity. It would probably cost more than a “little more” because a stone of better clarity will likely have more time invested into a better cut and polish.

But, there are a lot of people in this world and someone will enjoy the character of the stones or enjoy their lower price.

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I personally like them. I think they have character. I have a rose cut one and I know I’m not going to get that sparkle associated with a fine diamond. It was very affordable and different and I’ve always loved different. I would never be able to afford a great diamond. I appreciate your views and I’m sure most will agree with you. They’re definitely not for everyone!!

I enjoy s&p diamonds more than diamonds of high clarity, which I find personally boring and ubiquitous. I’m not crazy about purchasing them online, because the reputable dealers tend not to bother with them, and that drives up the risk always. There are the odd “gray” dealers here and there who I’ve bought a few from because I liked the patterns in that specific stone.

Maybe I’m odd, but I prefer my natural stones to be something that’s appealing to me, but not considered “perfect” for the stone, because if I wanted loupe clean ideal color, there are millions of lab grown stones that fit the bill. I prefer unique and interesting through a loupe if I’m going for natural.

Good question, Lots of inclusions, doesn’t that in itself make the diamond weak and brittle? I have mixed feelings about them myself, I almost feel as though they are a fad, I guess use them so nothing is wasted, but I would be scared myself accidentally hitting it on something and causing it to shatter, yes they are probably less expensive compared to more of a standard 4 C’s diamonds, but if it something you may wear every day, like a wedding ring, I would think you might want to go with better quality. I would have to say I like clearer and clean diamonds.

99% of them look terrible, but the ones that look nice, are pretty impressive.

One of the biggest problems is that they rarely have clean surfaces, and nobody loves gems with pitting in them…

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!