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Rutile in Goshenite?

Hi everyone, I have a piece of rough (24x12x8mm) which I think is Goshenite. It has a bunch of Rutile needles right in the middle. My initial thought was to a Step cut but my Lapidarist says better to have a Cabochon to highlight Rutile. After seen “Blue Ice” by late Mr. Jeff Graham When I go through IGS articles now I prefer a something fancier. Really appreciate your expertise on deciding a Cut for this. And a question as well, Is it possible to have Rutile in Goshenite?
Goshenite 1
Goshenite 2

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While it is possible for rutile to form in beryl, sometimes it can be mistaken for the hollow growth tubes that are common in all beryl. One distinguishing factor is that sometimes these tubes can have a small amount of liquid in them. The growth tubes also run parallel with the c-axis of the crystal. It’s hard to tell with your specimen, which is the c-axis, but considering the c-axis is the longest axis of crystal formations, I would venture to say that these inclusions are hollow growth tubes.

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Thank you very much for your valuable explanation. I have to agree with you, although it is difficult to further look into the inclusions without polishing or faceting the stone. Will confirm it after cutting the stone.

A Scissor Cut. That way you still see the rutile, get some good brilliance still and not waste the material by over cutting! - Mike Acquire Collectibles Gemological Lab and Gemstone Cutting

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Definitely a cut to consider for this stone. Thank you for your advice.

I would check the SG & RI to be sure it is a beryl before you cut. I cut some rutilated quartz that came out great… beautiful light schiller effect. I also recently cut a beryl with considerable amount of hollow tubes and did not get a nice stone (it had a semi-cloudy appearance). I do not have enough overall faceting experience with these two features to be sure that my results are “typical”. However, I am a professional mineralogist and I doubt that you have oriented rutile needles in your beryl, so if it is beryl and you have lots of hollow tubes you may need to find out some details about how best to cut it.

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Of course have to make sure it is Beryl but will take few more days as I don’t have the necessary equipment with me. I would be more than happy even if it is rutilated Quartz, but very much doubt now that those are hollow growth tubes. :worried:

have you thought of turning it into a Cabochon to highlight the inclusions?

It took sometime to reply, sorry about that. Actually I cabochon it & came out nicely.

It turned out to be berryl. :slightly_smiling_face: