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Rutilated quartz


I have a question I need answered for clarification. I bought a stone identified as colorless black rutile quartz and i am confused with this description.The stone in question is colorless with black thread inclusions. I have done some research and as far as i can tell there is no black inclusions in rutile quartz, rutile quartz has only light brown or golden inclusions. The tourmalinated quartz however does have black inclusions, also the stone I am referring to is from India and tourmalinated quartz is not suppose to be found in India, the seller insists my stone is rutile quartz.
Comments please.


Hi Ron, it would help to have a photo of the quartz.
In saying that I believe you can get black rutile in quartz but a lot of people get it confused with black Tourmaline in quartz.
I have attached a photo of black tourmaline and it’s unique crystal structure if it is black tourmaline in your quartz you should be able to see this on the ends of the crystals if it is not similar then I would suggest it could be black rutile


have found numerous pieces of Tourmalinated Quartz the quartz we find has black hairs and some large thick hairs most have split ends like a paint brush.Where as Rutile quartz has straight well defined Gold or silver hairs with no split ends


Hi Owen, I would be keen to see a photo of your tourmaline in quartz, your description does not sound like tourmaline in quartz that I have seen it would be interesting to see.
I will try and get a photo of one I have and post also


Will get photo made and send to you thanks


Hi Owen, No photo as yet???