Ruby with fossil inside

can anybody help with this beautiful Ruby. Inside of this Ruby there is a unknown animal, maybe million of years old.
You can see ok the pictures an eye of this animal.

Can anybody tel more about rubys with fossil inside!?!

Thank you :pray::pray::pray::pray:

I wish I had information for you… its beautiful

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Rubies NEVER contain fossils. The conditions for ruby formation are too extreme for fossils and sedimentary rocks to survive… the metamorphic marbles, originally aluminous limestones, from which Myanmar rubies originate are high temperature high pressure metamorphic rocks. High grade metamorphism will obliterate all traces of sedimentary rock and fossils with it. The trans Himalayan mountain belt is where many rubies come from, ranging from Afghanistan to Thailand and Cambodia.
Many of the rocks are ultra metamorphic, due to the collision of the Indian plate with Asia… Rubies will rarely originate in unusual igneous rocks, thought actually to be phenocrysts in lamprophyric rocks and alsos in contact zones between ultramafic rocks and pegmatitic intrusions. None of these high temperature/high pressure environments allow for the survival of sedimentary rocks, much less fossils.

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