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Ruby’s, garnets, citrines and Emeralds


Last year I had a jewelry shop try to test stones of mine that I’ve been collecting & I had already taken my best guess at what most of them were. Once they were returned to me the person labeled the individual bags identifying Ruby’s, garnets, emeralds and Sapphires. I was hoping they would be in a condition to be used in a wedding ring but the people seemed more keen on simply buying stones from their store. What do you suggest I do? Is there a possibility I could make a little money on these stones, if they are indeed legit?


Yes you could get some money but not much . If you need money you could move this over to the for sale side some one may offer to buy it. If I had the time and this materiel I would cut cabochons out of it and have a friend wire wrap it and sell it. I do not see any good (IMO) faceting rough. If you enjoyed collecting this, have some one cut you a few cabochons out of it , then let them keep the rest , You could do the wire wrap your self . No I do not have the time for this sorry hope this helps.


I agree. While they might be of some sentimental value to you, they are not facet grade.