Ruby quality and the market

I recently acquired three rough rubies from Afghanistan, weighing 240 ct, 170 ct, and 102 ct respectively. They are big stones, but I’m not sure about their color quality. I would like to hear your opinions on how to evaluate and grade these rubies based on the 4Cs of color, clarity,

and carat weight. What are the factors that affect the value of rubies in the global market? Which markets are the most suitable for selling these rubies? How can I find the best buyers for these rubies? Please share your thoughts and experiences with me. Thank you.

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Good morning to you dear reader.
They do look very very much like Ruby but as it is with Corundum it is highly recommended to get as many tests as possible! Some times gems like thees are most lightly to fall more to the Sapphire group / family tree due to the chemical make up, hot pink and / or cherry pink Sapphire are still super scares but not as much as is Ruby! To be able to price correctly you would have to identify correctly first. As previously stated they are some what different in certain regards to thees gems, they are both stunning gems. I am sure that they will get a lot of attention with collectors and gem dealers alike, however I have had gems with the same natural body colour come in as ruby and when we have sent them a way to the lab be certify we get hot pink Sapphire back on the certification. There has always bin huge disagreements on this subject for many many years in all gem community’s! But trusted labs such as (GIA )or( gem lab Cape Town South Africa) will be able to give you a true reading as they are both amazing regulators of parts and counter parts of each of thees gem family’s housed in each family tree, also if you ever find your self with a free moment to do some research :slightly_smiling_face:. Pleas to got to IGS is mini courses and take a look at the Ruby and Sapphire options both have amazing and truly helpful pointers to take into account. Also if they do come up as Ruby which I will be hoping they do for you, they would be specimens or collectors grade gems. That is hard to price but I am sure it would be a fear amount for each of the peaces like thees as you never fined large well saturated specimens like your two beautiful peaces.
Best regards and wishes Jarryed.


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Just how sure are you that these are genuine?

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These were extracted from a mine in Afghanistan. We have a company and organization there as well, for the customers who are serious, our company will do a test in Dubai

You can also see the microscope images, the presence of minerals inside the stone is the proof of its naturalness

inclusions are also found in lab created rubies. However, they have characteristic appearances depending on how they were grown. Afghan rubies come from a number of mines, marble hosted. Inclusions include a large range of minerals from pyrite to micas and more… what the minerals are is extremely difficult to identify if they are not in crystal form. The inclusions do not look like lab grown. Natural rubies are far more likely. But I still have no idea of what mineral inclusions are.

Thanks for feedback, true! This ones comes from Jak Dalak Mine. Due to the size of these stones, our microscope was not able to take clear pictures, but if you cut them, it is possible to see the inclusion. Do you know a good market for these stones?