Ruby Inclusions

Hi All,
I am newbie in the field of gemology. Can anyone help me identify inclusions in my ruby stone. Picture taken using USB microscope, 200x magnification.
Thank you.

Hi untung,
I am a bigginer, too.
However, I find your pic very illustrative.
I wonder whether the elongated white image in Ruby3 might be a fracture in the stones. The other pics seem to my unexperienced eye guest crystals inside the rudy.
Do you know if the ruby has been treated (glass-filled and/or heated)?


Hi Luca,
Thank you for giving feedback on pic that I attached. I don’t know whether the ruby has a process of treated. This is the pic might be able to identify it has been treated.

What I see in the pic seems to me a fingerprint/veil.
However, as I told you before, I am quite new to gemology.
What’s your idea on this last inclusion?

I also suspect the latter image is a fingerprint, but do not know the exact details. It is supposed to give an explanation of it should be one that is expert in the field of gemology.
I am very grateful, where we can discuss both as a beginner to insight the field of gemology.

Well said, untung!
I agree with you :slight_smile:

Here is a good site to start

Have fun!


Thank you Jackie!
I’ve open the link, nice and informative references.
May I ask, when I have an image of inclusion is then compared to the existing references are similiarities, it means I’ve done basic visual observation approach to determine the classification of the gem?
Jackie, if could help me to comment on my previous pic attached.