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Ruby from Tanzania

Hi, please is this Ruby worth of facet cutting?

![image|375x500](upload://rWgmO2ZJT2zRip5INnM49mSzDk0.jpeg) ![image|375x500](upload://ci8kP3tasp4rsE1OzFmFc9WFsKF.jpeg) ![image|375x500](upload://8OSsvqIJkoXwcC34UJbbzvUBnfG.jpeg) ![image|375x500](upload://5mWCwYweEwR1uKvG17oay6Awebs.jpeg)

My direct opinion would be no.
We go through thousands of Rubies, especially from the Winza/Longido area in Tanzania and see the whole spectrum of material that comes out from the mines as it comes out.
This stone is “specimen only” I would not attempt to cut it as it would start to split due to cleavage planes and would break up into tiny stones as well as fragments. The decision is yours though.
It’s a beautiful specimen.
Feel free to ask for advice at any time, we are one of the top authorities in East African rough and we always offer free advice to anyone who needs it.



Thank you so much. I will send you message. I want to buy Rubys and Sapphires

Buy a short wave UV torch, provides a very quick test for Ruby, though follow up verification would still be required.