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Ruby 3.5 ct ask help evaluate

Hello, friends.
I would be grateful to everyone who will

. Weight 3.5 carats untreated, there is a certificate of GIA.
Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Hi I know you have a GIA cert, which says no treatment??? whether it has been treated or not it looks like a low grade ruby.
sorry cant be of any further help

Thank you

It may not be the best grade ruby but it does not have any treatment. You can send it back into GIA and for $75.00USD. You can get the origin of the stone. That will help the price out quite a bit. Heating it will clear it up some if you want to go that direction but I would not. Just having a GIA certificate raises the price as is now. Origin would help so much.
That is about all I can tell you.
All the very best!

Thank you very much for the response. I received a GIA certificate. The stone is not hot. I did not order a study for the original, as I know that a ruby is from Afghanistan. I don’t think it’s worth warming up. the stone is rather transparent and there are no dark spots in it.
Thanks a lot

It is a ruby,but looks like a low grade one and I don’t think a GIA stating where it’s from will help much.

Dearr freand, thank you for your resonce

Hi, you should include a complete GIA report to assess the other elements Clarity, Color and Cut. A complete GIA report would definitely refer to the 4 Cs for a proper grading. Truly origin may add some extra value if the origin can be determined by specialised gemological studies. I hope this helps.

Thank you very much for your opinion, will certainly help me.

GIA does not grade Clarity, Color and Cut in rubies like they do in diamonds. Tiffany & Co. have a company ban on buying gems from Afghanistan. Afghanistan origin rubies will not fetch a premium price.

Heat treatment will not improve the appearance or value of this ruby.

Thank you very much for your opinion. And for what reason did Tiffany ban the purchase of rubies in Afghanistan?

I cannot speak for Tiffany & Co. but I suspect it is an American public image issue since over 2,300 U.S. military personnel have died in Afghanistan, and it is now the longest war the USA has been involved in.