Rubies are these old cut

Hi i am new to IGS and would like to know if any member could help to identify these stones ,
i have many more all from gold jewellery and still learning.

From your photo and the color of the stones … high probability of man made ruby. Probability is the soul of reason.

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And then I get the horrors when I see a stone being held on the sharp corners by steel tweezers. It looks like one end is already gone.

Ok i will stop using steel tweezers thanks for advice.

No need to stop using steel tweezers, just use them in a way that they will not cause damage and, there are other tweezers made from bamboo and plastic. There are a bamboo pair that have a sliding clasp on them to tighten the grip when a stone is positioned in them.
The use of 4 prong grabbers would be a bit safer and the prongs can be dipped in hot wax to avoid causing damage.


I have to say that in 8 years of professional appraisal practice, I have never chipped or broken a gemstone using steel or Titanium tweezers. I do refrain from using steel tweezers on my diamond color master stones as the diamonds are so hard that they take metal off of the tweezers on to their girdles and it starts to darken the diamond color master stones. Then I have to soak the master diamonds in acid to remove the metal from the stones.


What would you recommend a Stainless Steel or Titanium Tweezer?

Personally I use both types (steel and Titanium) equally with excellent results. My favorite is grooved to hold the girdle of the stone. I also like 4 prong grabbers. I use a very thin nose pair with teeth to sort and grade melee diamonds.