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Rough Ruby - Valuation Help


I have some big quantities of this kind of rough rubies. For what I have seen there are from very low quality and I haven’t found information about the price that I can get for them. My idea is to cut them and sell them so if anybody have an idea of what would be the price in which I can sell them I will appreciate the help. They weight in rough form 3 to 12ct each one.

I am located in Colombia and in this moment I am trying to cut some of them to see how will be the outcome so I can have some pictures of them already cut, unfortunately here in my country there are a lot of emerald cutters but they don’t know much about rubies so is hard to find someone good to cut them and treat them appropriately, so I want to travel to Thailand to cut them, but first I want to find out of if they worth something or not.

the ruby looks like it is the type of ruby that the Thai’s heat treat and glass fill
but most of that ruby comes from Mozambique

Hi I agree with Syd some of the rough looks to be treated though from a photo it is quite hard to tell… I get a lot of ruby rough and personally the rough you have looks to me like the type I give to my neighbour to use as gravel in his fish tank. Sorry to be a little negative but it certainly isn’t quality rough and is not something that I personally would bother with. Most of my rough comes from Africa and in truth a large percentage gets thrown away and only a small percentage is cut. In defence of African ruby when a piece does cut it is as good as anything you get from Burma though sadly doesn’t have that sort of prestige.