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Rough prices per 🥕


Does anybody have a list on rough prices ?
Thanks Mark did you have any suggestions


Hi Mark,

Concerning diamonds, there is ADTEC. They edit a monthly price list of rough, split in categories, like sawable 1/2, maekable 1/2 etc…


Thank you Charles if you find anything on citrines or amethyst something like that also I’d be interested


Hi. Adtec seems to work only in south Africa. Having bought diamonds for 18 years or so in sierra leone, it is useless. May as well use it for toilet paper. There is no price list that really works as yiu need to know how to use the local pricing and rap sheet to get what you want. Go to www.greggsgemhouse com/page39 for more info on what I have. Have a good day.


Thank you



I am not a buyer of rough and/or polished, but do appraisals. I found the ADTEC list very useful in my job, and am using it for more than 10 years, still satisfied;

A good day to you too!