Rough price guide for Tourmaline and Aquamarine

Hi All,
Can anyone please give me a rough price guide of the aquamarine and tourmaline in the picture, each lot is about 25 carat each. I am quite new in the field of gems and looking to go into the sale of stones from Nigeria. looking forward to your responses. Thanks.

The aqua is nice, if light and a little small. I’d try for $3 to $5/ct. IDK what kind of lighting you are using, but if your tourmaline was photographed in normal room lighting, it’s too dark and muddy (brownish cast) to be worth much. Good greens and pinks/reds of decent, but not top color in 1 to 3 gm sizes can go for $50 to $90/gm. Interested in talking wiith you about what you might be able to source from Nigeria…I’m at

I bring in quite a lot of rough form Africa and some very nice tourmailne. See pic. I normally have a surplus so if it is of interest let me know I can be contacted on

Sorry should have said. The tourmaline in the picture I don’t think would cut it is far too dark. Take a look at the green in the picture ideally that is what you are looking for. Yes I do get bigger pieces as well.

I agree - you should go for a higher price. Maybe double the $ - forgive me I shouldn’t comment as I’m new and my comment is based on my love of aquamarine. Im always looking to add to my hoard of rocks - gems- etc.