Rough Morganite

Hi Community,
I have aquired some rough Morganite and am curious if anyone has some insight onto what a potential price per carat would be? I will attach a photo if that helps for clarity. Any insight is much appreciated.


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Not sure if you have seen this:

The material has some opaque areas, so some of the rough may not be gem quality. If the price/carat section is not viewable to you:
2 - 4.99 ct: $140 - 150/ct
8+ ct: $90 - 300/ct

Curious question… Is it Morganite? My first thought was rose quartz. Did you get verification data with the material?

RI, Specific Gravity and a Dichroscope would help differentiate between quartz and beryl.

SG Morganite: 2.71-2.90
SG Quartz: 2.651

Quartz will look pink/ slightly darker or lighter pink through a Dichroscope. Morganite will be pink and bluish pink.

The RI for both are distinct as well, but it may not be easy to test RI on your specimens without making a flat surface.

Another material reference:

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I do not have any varification other than the sellers word. I got it from the Gem Faire venue yesterday. It wasnt that expensive so i had wondered the same thing about wether it was morganite or not. Most lf the lther rough material was very pale in color. These pieces were some of the more pink. I do own a dichroscope so i will have to check the stone against some of my rough rose quartz.