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Rough gemstone Bangkok


Hi thought I would share some photo’s of rough gemstone that was on sale in Bangkok Thailand, this was being sold by some Africans who have a shop in the middle of Bangkok.
there was pink tourmaline, green Tourmaline amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, Mali garnet, Aqua, Beryl, and other garnet.



I went to the gem and jewelry show in BKK a couple years ago and most of the rough being offered was by Africans. There were a lot of Indians and some Thais selling cut stones and a few Russians selling synthetic rough. The Chinese were welling cut synthetic and jewelry. I enjoyed the show but doubt if I would make much effort to go back even if in Bangkok. I didn’t see so very much of interest that I couldn’t find at home(US) at about the same price.


Yes I also went to the Gem and Jewellery in 2015, I think it is not the place to find a bargain but good to visit. You can pick up some good buys in Bangkok, but also I have done Gem tours with a friend of mine throughout Thailand Chang Mai, Chang Rai, Mai Sot, Chanthaburi Kanchantaburi etc and good bargains can be found. I do believe prices are coming back down again where there was a real surge of the price for rough and cut gems in 2014 - 2015.



The JTC centre in bkk or indeed the surrounding area is awash with various gemstones and alot being peddled but the prices are quite high in usd for burmese origin stones and alot of semi precious in the market.

The markets in northern thailand have dried up as the burmese side on the mae sai border is only a random shop and years ago it was full of traders,

Hope this gives some insight to current state of play from a expat specialises in gemstones in thailand


Thanks for your input much appreciated as we are planning another Gem tour for Feb 2017 to Thailand and surrounds