Rough Congolese Amethyst price per gram


This is my first post on here and I am excited to enjoy dialogue with a wide variety of professionals in the jewellery and gemstone trade.

I myself am a gemmologist, stone trader and lapidary with a yearning to learn as much as I can about stones and stone cutting.

I am helping a friend to sell some amethyst from his home country in the Congo. It consists of amethyst crystal points of a deep purple saturation, some of which is lighter and in my opinion facetting grade and the majority of it I would say is cabochon material as there is varying degrees of feathers and other inclusions.

What I am trying to assertain is a price per gram in £. I’d be very grateful for anyone who could help me get a rough idea based on similar material they’ve seen/bought or sold.
Below I have attached pictures.

Many thanks


Hi, not sure of the sizes but they look like could be 10 - 30 cts??? my thoughts are that they are not the best of colour, and not sure about quality, if they are clean they may be worth $ 2 AUD per carat. or 6 pound sterling per gram. this is just my thoughts so maybe some other forum onlookers can help also.


Hi , Just for for you to know , I used to Buy from Dealers in Zambia, for $1,800 per Kilo … Similar to your Stuff…

Taking into Consideration the Final Recovery Rate about 10% , My cost was $3.6 pct.But Top Quality Loupe Clean Stones…

10 cents a gram if its facet material