Rough Australian Sappires Liquidating collection from family owned mine

These are 6-7 carats. I would like to sell all of these. Smaller stones available as well. Quality is quite good overall. Plz contact:


May I ask what’s your selling prices for Rough Sappires?

Thank you,

Hi Peggy, Thank you for asking.

The 6-7 carat stones are what is pictured. They are of good tone and are of very good quality.

I also have similar selections and volumes in the 3-5, 2-3, and 1-2 carat sizes. Also a box of multi-colored stones.

The 6-7 carat stones I am requiring $700 per carat.

How many would you like? Kindest of Regards and Thanks


Hello, could you tell me where your Australian sapphire was mined please? Bruce

Hi Bruce,

Near the town of Sapphire, Queensland, Australia some of the stones in the first box are 30 carats. My cousin just weighed them.

Hi ,
Do you have any larger pieces ?
My Email :
Navnit Patel

Hi, I have larger stones, but really need to sell off these before my cousin will be happy. 11 carats on down to 5 carats…about 50 carats in total.

Will be ok at $60 per carat…all are very good quality deep blue with a nice bit of green when turned…multi-colored.


65$ per carat with a random scoop

sound good? :slight_smile:

Kindest Regards,