Retail price on Zircons

Hey Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a good idea of what the retail value of Zircons in today’s market is? From 1 to 5 ct. and 5 to 10 ct. for Red, Blue, Green, and other colors. I have looked them up in other websites such as gemval, awesomegems, and Are there any other websites that would be useful?

Hi you did not mention IGS which has value of gemstone including Zircon??

I assumed this question was looking for something more detailed or regularly updated perhaps? The IGS Gem Price Guide states “… you will not be able to accurately judge the value of a gem even with this guide.” Plus, it doesn’t have any dates for when (or if) it’s been updated so I find it difficult to trust the prices in the guide (although I do appreciate having something here rather than nothing at all).