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Retail insurance value

I am wondering about the difference in price regarding retail insurance valuation prices compared to what an item is worth not for insurance purposes?
Thank you

Jackbus: This is the explanation given by The Loupe. [The insured value of your jewelry is usually around the retail replacement cost, not the resale price. Most insured jewelry has an inherent sentimental value which makes it difficult or very costly to replace. Therefore, the insured value accounts for the actual cost of replacement and the intangible personal value of the item. The resale value, meanwhile, largely ignores the intrinsic value of your item.]

Retail prices are more or less 2.5 times prices of manufacturing, including vat and other taxes.
For prestigious shop it can be 10 times or more.
Jewelry shop must be in the most expensive road of the town, shop must be high level shop. Staf must be good locking and well educated. So this the cost that private must also pay. If the jeweller give discount more than 20% he is loosing.
Regards Eddy Vleeschdrager